an innovative project


Our history isn’t written, we are writing it every day and we are about to add a whole new chapter.

Our club, our team, known throughout Switzerland for facing every battle head-on will soon have a new home.  Our beloved Valascia, our temple of hockey, must, alas, soon give way to progress and the ever increasing demands of a major hockey team competing in the best league in Europe.  But while we raise a glass to bid farewell to our bastion of sport, that same glass will be raised to inaugurate the new Valascia arena.

The New Valascia is a state of the art arena which will reflect the strength of support and pride that every fan has in our team and will empower the team itself towards a glorious future.

World renowned architect Mario Botta took on the challenge of creating an arena worthy of HCAP.  The result is a mighty, multipurpose stadium which will be home to our fans and welcome our guests with unmatched facilities. The stadium will be a central sporting venue all year round, on and off season.